'good vs evil' and War | Forum

god123123 Mar 28 '15

The moral of the story in the minds of the faithful and 'patriotic' is that good defeats evil and that wars like the civil war and world war II showed the narrative.  What people took away from world war II and the civil war is that if there is a group of evil, 'freedom' can win.


But what people don't realize is that Lincoln and Roosevelt both attacked not to 'fight evil' but due to national interests.   You can perhaps say Churchill helped cause World War II by not allowing Hitler to invade Poland.  


(Hitler viewed himself as some crusader of the 'aryan race' and thought the British were also


Aryan, so Hitler was surprised when Churchill, who wrote some antisemitic things, still attacked him.)


But what brought the US into WWII was Pearl Harbor and what brought down Hitler was the Soviet Union.  Most Americans argue that the Soviets are also 'evil.'  Good didn't beat evil.  In the minds of America, evil beat evil.


Finally Abraham Lincoln was himself in favor of anti-Black racism and only viewed freeing slaves as a military strategy to destabilize the south.   Lincoln wanted to expel Blacks.


(I find it funny how today's Southerners completely worship the Republicans and the military,it's ironic)


But today Americans look at the civil war and WWII and say 'good beats evil, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.'  The truth, is more materialistic and more cold.