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My view increasingly is that at the very least, the biggest proponents of morality tend to be the biggest hypocrites.  One could easily take the position that what we know as morality is more a set of commands from a class designed to promote behavior which it opposes in its subjects and still gain continued support from the subjects.

-the same class that condemns the mafia has its own rackets.
-the same class that condemns counterfeiting prints money.
-the same class that condemns drugs supports prescription drugs for 'misbehavior.' 
-the same class the condemns stealing collects taxes.
-the same ruling class that says 'don't kill' starts wars.
-the same ruling class that condemns rapes commands its soldiers to join with Russians in the attack on Germans (which was recently unveiled, it wasn't just USSR that committed the mass rapes).
-the same class that hugely promotes ethnopluralism violates the principle in the stolen state on Palestinian land
-The same Abraham Lincoln who wanted to 'free the slaves' still wanted Blacks to go to Africa.  It was military strategy, not morality.
-The same Richard Nixon who condemned Jewish influence in the media wouldn't say it openly.

The ruling class does not live up to its 'morality.'  In my opinion if there ever was morality, the current state of the world is such that it no longer applies and now there are only ethics.  The 'game' is already on and pretending otherwise does not shut it off any more than as Marx said, not thinking of gravity stops one from drowning.


In today's world of conflict, there is only a decision to build a society and do what is good to keep it going, but idealism has given way.  The ten commandments for example are not the extent of ethics and in fact are just power dynamics which grant some people the right to rape, kill and steal and not others, while telling others to follow the leader.  For example, these commandments only applied to Jews (you could kill Gentiles) and there were still executions and taxes.

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By god123123
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