The Fallacy of Populism

Populism is a failed ideology that leads to ideological concessions and a false sense of being in control of the elites on top of a group. It also focuses on one or two capitalist problems (for instance wall street) and ignores recurring patterns that happen at all levels of the capitalist system, not just the very top.  Populism usually suggests that the problem is solely a “moral crisis” involving corrupt businessmen, as opposed to conflicts of interests based on the defined concepts of how to do business.  The duty of every corporation is to “maximize the profits of the shareholders” not to create jobs, which are expenses.  In politics, microeconomic interests lobby the government.  To the populist, this is “corruption” not the logical conclusion of capitalism.

Not all populists take this route, but certain types of populists center the criticism related to the power structure around its Jewish participants, without criticizing the structure itself.   Proponents of populism make absurd claims towards people who critique the capitalist system.  They try to portray themselves as anti-establishment, but all they do is talk about how demographic groups are being dispossessed. White populists are as guilty of this as Black ones.

I used to be more pro populism, but eventually I realized that it is simply a deviation away from a harder anti-capitalist line, using mass politics (sometimes ethnopolitics) to cover up the downsides of the status quo.  It is essentially using the self serving bias to maintain capitalism.  At the least the position is that “Capitalism is a good system that corrupt people abuse” and sometimes the position is “Capitalism is a viable system that White Gentiles invented, but Jews messed it up.”  Capitalism inherently causes conflict, corruption may exacerbate it,  but it is intrinsic to the nature of capitalism.

Metal Gear @ April 1, 2016

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